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Every day Russia commits atrocities against the Ukrainian people. Your donation can help to lessen the blow by providing life-saving supplies.

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traditional embroidery

What is Spiritual Armor?

For the last 2500 years, Ukrainians have worn vyshyvanki, national garments created with ethnic embroidery, as talismans of protection. Rooted in ancient pagan traditions, women have been weaving coded spells of good fortune for their loved ones into these garments. Thus Vyshyvanki became known as the people’s Spiritual Armor.

But today Ukraine needs a different kind of armor: body armor, medical supplies and other critical aid.

For this reason, Ukrainian American artist Inga Bard launched the Spiritual Armor campaign in order to raise funds for Razom, an American 501c3 that provides critical life saving aid to address the most urgent needs as they evolve.

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Embroidery is typically created during the winter and summer months, between sowing the fields in the spring and collecting the harvest in the fall. 
Vyshyvanki on the runway
Ukraine has many different ethnic traditions and each one has its own aesthetic which can vary a lot, sometimes from village to village. Some embroidered shapes are widely understood while other symbols are regional.
traditional sewing
Artist Inga Bard began to take apart these traditional garments and reconstruct them as wall art that symbolizes the unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people. The Spiritual Armor campaign offers these gorgeous pieces of art as gifts to donors. After all, we all need a little Spiritual Armor to protect us from harm.

Donation Levels

The Spiritual Armor campaign offers the gorgeous pieces of hand embroidered art as gifts to donors. We have partnered with local Ukrainian artisans to create custom embroidery for this initiative.

By supporting this project, you not only help to provide critical relief in Ukraine, but you also help to support the traditional artisans currently living and working there. Additionally, hanging one in your home is an expression of support for Ukrainian sovereignty and helps to spread awareness.

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Vishyvanki wall art.


Every dollar of aid to Ukraine matters. Every 7th person who donates $1-249 to the campaign will receive a Spiritual Armor wall art piece.

Vishyvanki artwork


Small (8 x 8 inch) Spiritual Armor wall art.

Vishyvanki Art


Medium (10 x 10 inch) Spiritual Armor wall art.

Vyshyvanki Art


Large (12 x 14 inch+) Spiritual Armor wall art or select paintings by Inga Bard.

How do donations get to the Ukraine?

All donations raise funds directly for our non-profit partner. They have the infrastructure to deliver aid directly into the hands of the people in Ukraine.

Needed In Ukraine is a small non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Ukraine during the war and providing immediate help where it’s most needed. Their approach is to make it very clear how every dollar is spent and who received the help.

Learn more about NeededinUA
Many soldiers are young people with their whole lives ahead of them. Body armor and medical supplies give a chance to see a better tomorrow.
Ukrainian boy survived Russian attack with Body Armor
The world sends aid to Ukraine but due to the brutality and atrocity of war it is not enough. Most of the support is spent on things like weapons and infrastructure, not protective gear. This fundraiser is inspired by a story of two friends who had to share body armor because there’s not enough to go around. Read more below in About Us.
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Photo of Inga Bard

More about Us

This campaign was inspired by Inga Bard's personal experience. She recently sent a piece of body armor for her pen pal in the South of Ukraine, about a week later, she received a Thank You email. Her pen pal had lent this body armor to a friend because there is so little to go around. That same day, his friend got caught in a missile strike, but survived because of the vest. Bard and her family knew that they had to do more.

Huge thank you to Andriy & Oksana Loyev, Joshua Goldbard, Janey Julian, the Razom team, and all the donors who have made this campaign possible.

Razom means "together" in Ukrainian. We can only win this atrocious war together. Thank you all for your support.

Portrait of Inga Bard
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The Spiritual Armor Fundraiser has brought in $40,000 and counting in donations. Be a part of helping us get to 100k.